A Bass Fishing Club is Created

In June of 1993, Curt Snow was able to make a long-time idea come to pass with the formation of a new bass fishing club in Southern RI.

This new club, Southern RI Bass Anglers (S.R.I.B.A.), began with a half-dozen charter members and has since grown to include anglers from one end of RI to the other, and even some members from southeastern CT.

The information on this page will tell you a little more about who SRIBA (Southern RI Bass Anglers) is and what we do. I hope you'll enjoy it, find it entertaining and give you a better understanding of what SRIBA is all about!

At one time in its early years, SRIBA was a member of the CT B.A.S.S. Federation. We eventually gave this up due to the problem of getting a club representative to the monthly meetings, which were held about 90 minutes from the Westerly area, which is our home base. Upon dropping out of the CT Federation, we joined the RI B.A.S.S. Federation. Once again, we were faced with the problem of getting a representative to the monthly meetings. WIth this issue and the fact that we never sent any members to the RI State Fish-Offs, we decided that it was in the best interest of SRIBA to become an independent bass fishing club, with no official affiliations or ties to larger bass fishing organizations.

For the 2017 season SRIBA has a membership of 10. Our members include bass anglers from all walks of life. Our regular job lineup includes Engineer, Firefighter, Small Business Owner, Computer Geek, Active Military, Pastor, Service Manager and many other job descriptions.

As mentioned above, we hail from every nook and cranny of RI and even southeastern CT. We range in age from 20 something to "somewhere in our 50s".

Our goal as a club is to enjoy the sport of bass fishing and to educate each other in angling methods and conservation.

Our Officers for the 2018 season are:
Curt Snow - President and Tournament Director
Matt Mitson (AKA Mitz) - Vice President & Secretary
Bob Willis - Treasurer
Our Members for the 2018 season are (in no particular order):
Andrew Gardiner
Paul Warbin
Sharon Galipeau
Patrick Fallon
Isaac Claros
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