Looking Ahead to The 2017 Season

SRIBA Sunrise Silhouette

A silhouette of SRIBA members Paul & Sharon prepping for the season opener

2016 is behind us. 2017 stands in front of us.

We will be starting a new tournament season in April. 2016 was a different kind of season. It was the first time in SRIBA history that we canceled a tournament due to bad weather and didn’t make up for it later on. So we finished the season with only 8 regular tournaments, instead of the usual 9.

2017 will also be a season of firsts. It will be the first season that we have started after having a club member pass away. As mentioned in another post, Ed Leitz passed away after a lengthy battle with autoimmune disorder. He will be missed for sure.

Another first for the 2017 season will be Continue reading

SRIBA Bids Farewell to Club Member

SRIBA Bids Farewell to Club Member

Longtime SRIBA member, Ed Leitz, who passed away on Sunday December 11.

On Sunday, December 11, SRIBA lost club member Ed Leitz, who passed away after a lengthy battle with autoimmune disease 🙁

Ed joined SRIBA several years ago and immediately plugged in to the club. He was a perfect fit and was well liked by everyone. He was a good competitor and always did his best to bring bass to the scale for our weigh-ins, keeping everyone on their toes.

During the 2016 season Ed had a couple of really great tournaments, claiming the 1st place spot at our season opener with a 12.31 lb. bag. Ed won by a 3+ lb. margin!

For our second night tournament of the year, Ed bagged 15.61 lbs. for the win, again with a 3 lb, margin over the 2nd place competitor.

Ed also weighed in the tourney lunker for that one with a Continue reading

2016 Season Wrap Up

The 2016 season is behind us. And let’s just start by saying it was an interesting season.

Ed with lunkers from season opener

Ed with lunkers from season opener

First, this was the first season in the history of SRIBA where we canceled a tournament and didn’t make it up. So we fished an abbreviated 8 tournament schedule, instead of the usual 9 tourneys.

We also had some tourneys with very low winning weights, such as our night tourney at Gardner Lake, with a winning weight of 8.50 lbs. and a tourney lunker of 2.39 lbs. The worst tourney of the year, though, was at the Quinebaug River, with a 6.80 lb. winning weight.

Final weight for Isaac Claros, who came from behind to grab the AOY title at the very last tournament was 78.51, about 20 lbs. less than the AOY weight for 2015. Continue reading

2016 SRIBA Tourney Schedule Set

The members of SRIBA gathered for their annual meeting to choose lakes and dates and were able to put together a schedule that looks interesting 🙂

Instead of the usual method of each member listing their preferred 9 lakes, and then tallying up the votes, we basically just hashed it all out, one lake at a time, by looking at the time of year and picking lakes that would be best suited for each date on the schedule. Continue reading

2014 Tournament Schedule Set

At the end of October, SRIBA members gathered to choose the lakes and dates for our 2014 season.

We wrote down our personal choices for lakes and then set about matching the lakes with dates that suited each lake best. We did things a bit different this year to try to schedule tournaments at the optimal time for each individual lake, hoping for the best possible outcome with regard to catching quality bass. Continue reading

2013 Season Wrap-Up

The 2013 season came to end with our final tourney of the year, at Watchaug Pond.

The fishing for this tourney was probably the toughest we had for any tournament, and the scales showed it! And while the weigh-in for our final tourney was quick and the fish were few, this was not typical of the season overall. Continue reading

Season Opener at Wordens Pond

Unseasonably warm temperatures leading up to the SRIBA season opener dropped just a bit on the eve of the tournament. SRIBA angers were greeted Saturday morning with bluebird skies and air temps in the high 30s to low 40s. It was obvious that high pressure had moved in and the bite might be tough in this shallow body of water. Continue reading